Presenting The #IndependenceChallenge For Freedom From An Unsustainable Lifestyle

Presenting The #IndependenceChallenge For Freedom From An Unsustainable Lifestyle
“Genuine sustainability will come not from superficial changes but from a deeper process akin to humankind growing up to a fuller stature.” — David W. Orr

This Independence Day, let’s celebrate by challenging ourselves to make our planet better and our own bodies and surroundings safer and healthier. This would mean making small and big changes to our daily routines and being more mindful about the impacts our actions have on the world around us.

Individual actions, however small, are a way of lowering one’s own impact on the environment and taking charge of one’s own body, health and surroundings. For example, freeing yourself from dependence on a car and walking to the market instead. Or opting for one vegetarian meal instead of a meaty burger.

And you never know, your actions may just inspire someone else to act 

sustainably who may in turn inspire a third person to… you know what we mean. You could just be the start of a revolution in the way people think about the environment!

So, are you ready for the #IndependenceChallenge?

The challenge has 9 actions across 3 categories — Refuse, Reuse, Reduce.Each action carries points based on the positive impact it has on the environment. You can choose to take any action as frequently as you want. For every action you take, give yourself points accordingly.


  1. I refused to use a straw (+5 points)
  2. I refused to use a disposable cup / plate / spoon (+10 points)
  3. I ate a vegetarian meal instead of a non-veg one (+20 points).


  1. I carried my own reusable shopping bag to the store (+10 points)
  2. I carried my own reusable water bottle (+10 points)


  1. I turned off the tap while brushing my teeth (+5 points)
  2. I had a bucket bath instead of a shower (+10 points)
  3. I did not honk while driving (+20 points)
  4. I walked instead of using a vehicle (+20 points)

Many problems of climate change, pollution, and environmental degradation exist at a global scale and need to be addressed by concerted action at an institutional level.

However, while we continue to demand large-scale changes, let us also start owning our actions, understanding the impact of our choices, and taking more responsibility for the consequences of our actions on the planet.

Pay it forward

Tag your friends and motivate them to take the challenge, share your scores with each other, and maximise your positive impact on the planet.

Share your actions using #IndependenceChallenge and tag Eartha so we can feature your inspiring stories.